Kelowna Winter Active results

The Kelowna Winter Active chess tournament of December 2 was a resounding success. For a city with a limited chess scene of late, the event fielded 24 players, including many from as far as Vernon, Vancouver and Revelstoke, as well as some junior players. At the end of the four rounds we were lucky to have a clear winner, with Graham Swett (2146) walking away with the modest yet heartfelt $40 grand prize.  For runners up there was a three way tie for second place, with Chayne Planiden, John Simms, and Heinz Bauschke all receiving chess related literature from the personal collection of the tournament director. And last but not least, top finishing junior player Boo Taktsang recieved the spirit prize, and made the excellent choice of a book on the Nimzo-Indian, also from the director’s personal collection.

Full results and photos are posted below. Many thanks to all who attended!

  Kelowna Winter Active 2017    
  Saturday, December 02, 2017    
Rank Name Score X/4  
1 Graham Swett 4 $40.00
2 Chayne Planiden 3 Book
2 John Simms 3 Book
2 Heinz Bauschke 3 Book
5 Dale Hoshizaki 2.5  
5 Grant Rice 2.5  
5 Greg Bishop 2.5  
5 David LeMoel 2.5  
5 Kemal Singh 2.5  
5 Roberto Pena 2.5  
11 David Moore 2  
11 Richard Bridger 2  
11 Dylan Fraser 2  
11 Curtis Sleyren 2  
11 Berry deGroot 2  
16 Wally Steinke 1.5  
16 Petr Labik 1.5  
16 Mat Levasseur 1.5  
16 Scott Wilson 1.5  
20 Ray Bruckner 1  
20 Tim Moore 1  
20 Allen Royston 1  
23 Sean Brent 0  
23 Boo Taktsang 0 Spirit

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