Kelowna chess tournament

After a long absence of chess related events in the city, Saturday, December 2 will mark an important return. This is the date of the “Kelowna Winter Active” chess tournament, to be held at the central library on Ellis street. Doors will open 10am, and the first round will begin at 10:30am. Please see the poster below for more details.

Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with playing in rated tournaments you may wish to continue reading. The rules we will be following come from the Canadian Chess Federation (CFC) and International Chess Federation (FIDE). For games under one hour per side these include:

  • touch move – if a chess piece is touched it must be moved
  • recording of moves is not required like in longer games of chess, but is still recommended
  • the same hand which moves the chess piece must also be the one which hits the clock after the move is completed

There are plenty of other rules to familiarize yourself with so feel free to peruse the FIDE website, or ask any questions when you are registering via email at

chess poster



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