Kelowna Winter Active results

The Kelowna Winter Active chess tournament of December 2 was a resounding success. For a city with a limited chess scene of late, the event fielded 24 players, including many from as far as Vernon, Vancouver and Revelstoke, as well as some junior players. At the end of the four rounds we were lucky to have a clear winner, with Graham Swett (2146) walking away with the modest yet heartfelt $40 grand prize.  For runners up there was a three way tie for second place, with Chayne Planiden, John Simms, and Heinz Bauschke all receiving chess related literature from the personal collection of the tournament director. And last but not least, top finishing junior player Boo Taktsang recieved the spirit prize, and made the excellent choice of a book on the Nimzo-Indian, also from the director’s personal collection.

Full results and photos are posted below. Many thanks to all who attended!

  Kelowna Winter Active 2017    
  Saturday, December 02, 2017    
Rank Name Score X/4  
1 Graham Swett 4 $40.00
2 Chayne Planiden 3 Book
2 John Simms 3 Book
2 Heinz Bauschke 3 Book
5 Dale Hoshizaki 2.5  
5 Grant Rice 2.5  
5 Greg Bishop 2.5  
5 David LeMoel 2.5  
5 Kemal Singh 2.5  
5 Roberto Pena 2.5  
11 David Moore 2  
11 Richard Bridger 2  
11 Dylan Fraser 2  
11 Curtis Sleyren 2  
11 Berry deGroot 2  
16 Wally Steinke 1.5  
16 Petr Labik 1.5  
16 Mat Levasseur 1.5  
16 Scott Wilson 1.5  
20 Ray Bruckner 1  
20 Tim Moore 1  
20 Allen Royston 1  
23 Sean Brent 0  
23 Boo Taktsang 0 Spirit


  Player: CFC #: Rating:
1 Graham Swett 110383 2146
2 Dale Hoshizaki 110429 2140
3 David Moore 101014 2028
4 Wally Steinke 100331 1735
5 Grant Rice 128828 1729
6 Petr Labik 123808 1696
7 Greg Bishop 126095 1683
8 David le Moel 145858 1555
9 Richard Bridger 162437 1448
10 Kamal Singh 163392 1486
11 Dylan Fraser 160599 1273
12 Ray Bruckner 148210 1203
13 Matthew Levasseur 156876 1088
14 Curtis Sleypen 155474 942
15 Chayne Planiden    
16 Heinz Bauschke 165768  
17 Scott Wilson    
18 Allen Royston 165767  
19 Roberto Pena    
20 Berry de Groot 165868  
21 Roderick Brent    
22 Tim Moore  

Kelowna chess tournament

After a long absence of chess related events in the city, Saturday, December 2 will mark an important return. This is the date of the “Kelowna Winter Active” chess tournament, to be held at the central library on Ellis street. Doors will open 10am, and the first round will begin at 10:30am. Please see the poster below for more details.

Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with playing in rated tournaments you may wish to continue reading. The rules we will be following come from the Canadian Chess Federation (CFC) and International Chess Federation (FIDE). For games under one hour per side these include:

  • touch move – if a chess piece is touched it must be moved
  • recording of moves is not required like in longer games of chess, but is still recommended
  • the same hand which moves the chess piece must also be the one which hits the clock after the move is completed

There are plenty of other rules to familiarize yourself with so feel free to peruse the FIDE website, or ask any questions when you are registering via email at

chess poster


Facts of the day…


The motto of FIDE, or the World Chess Federation, is “We are one people.” Founded in 1924, it is currently presided over by Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov. Some interesting facts about Ilyumzhinov:

  • He is the former president of the Russian Federation Republic of Kalmykia
  • He won on a platform of giving $100 to each voter, and a cell phone to each shepherd
  • During tenure he created a game reserve for the Saiga antelope
  • Allies include Russian president Putin, and former Libyan president Qadaffi
  • Implicated in the murder of journalists
  • In 1997 he was briefly abducted by aliens
  • He defeated Anatoly Karpov, and Gary Kasparov in controversial votes for the FIDE presidency


UBCO chess tournament

Here is another great event coming up next weekend, organized by one of our allies, working hard every day for the love of the game…

You are invited to play in our

6Th Annual UBCSUO Active Chess Championship January 24, 2014                               
Date: Saturday January 24, 2015
Location: UBC Okanagan, 3333 University Way, Kelowna, BC Room # Arts 102

Rounds: 5
Round Times: Saturday Rd1: 9:00 Rd2: 10:30 Lunch Rd3: 12:30 Rd4: 2:00 Rd5: 3:30
Type: Regular Swiss.
Time Controls: /25 + 5 sec. increments or G/30
Entry Fee: $20 (on site)
Prizes: Merchandise prizes from UBCO Bookstore.
Registration: Space limited to 30 registrations (first-come basis).email registration will hold your place.
Registration: On site at starting at 8:30 am Arts 102 same as last year.

Some chess equipment is provided. Bring sets and clocks. No membership required.

Email: TD: Greg Bishop   250-807-8045

Chess tournament!

There will be a special event happening this December 20th, when the Bean Scene Chess Club holds the First United Chess Tournament! Activities will be starting at 12:30pm at the First United Church on the corner of Bernard and Richter downtown. Cost is $10 at the door, and proceeds will be going to charity. Time controls will be 15min. If you can show up for this event bring a board and clock if you have one!